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Jill Magid - Intimacy

Slides and projectors. Commissioned installation for Pure Luck Dance Company’s performance

De Parel Gallery, Amsterdam. 2001.

De Parel Gallery is made up of two long, identical rooms. The rooms are divided by a wall, with two doorframes placed symmetrically along it. I took slides of the doorframes and projected them in a 1:1 scale onto the outer walls of the space. The four projected doors mirrored the real ones, causing an illusion that the space continued on like this in either direction. The installation was made on invitation of the dance group Pure Luck who composed a piece specifically for this space. 

Jill Magid - From A Distance You Don’t Look Anything Like a Friend

Neon, transformer, Embedded text in wall, On Killing by Lt. Col. Grossman, 2011.

Jill Magid - Evidence Locker
Jill Magid - Evidence Locker